Studio b3

Paulina Blachura, who founded Studio b3 with her mother in 2008, hates the question of what inspires her. "Probably because I can't really answer it," she says. she says "Sometimes the best ideas come to me during very banal activities, for example when I'm waiting at the checkout in the supermarket. But every idea actually springs from many sources. You could say my inspirations are the result of all the films I've ever seen, all the places I've visited, people I've met, all the conversations I've had and exhibitions I've experienced - all of it is processed in my head and combined in many different ways." The unique blend of different ideas that Studio b3 brings together in a collection is also naturally born from the collaboration of two generations of designers with different approaches to fashion. What they both have in common is a belief in slow fashion - designing fashion for people who celebrate shopping, who don't buy all sorts of things on the side that they get bored with soon after, but who invest thoughtfully in their wardrobe and specifically look for special pieces that they really like.

All garments are made in Poland, mainly in Krakow and the surrounding area. Production in the EU ensures good working conditions and social protection for the people who work for Studio b3. Both mother and daughter prefer to use natural fabrics - they are a sustainable resource as they are renewable and biodegradable, most of them come from Italy, Poland, Greece and Spain. Studio 3b thus meets the essential criteria of fair and sustainable production.

If I ever have the opportunity to visit the Blachuras in Krakow, I definitely have to stop by this supermarket as well....

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