Klara Li

Klara Li's Water Carriers and Ladies is an exhibition in the RESPCT.ME Fairstyle Bazaar from Tuesday 1.2.2022 until Saturday 5.3.2022.
With these UpcyclingRoomDecorationCollageObjects Klara Li forms a completely individual statement. Her goal is the depictive beautification of the cute, gorgeous, flexible, untiringly diligent, judicious, forever-young-in-their-hearts women of our time

Heike Pillemann

In the darkest days of the year, the lights glow brightest! Heike Pillemann is bringing several of her wonderfully alive painted lampshades. “My creatures derive from a hearty and often carefree transcription. I’ve always given more room to my enthusiasm for coincidence, the spontaneous and the unexpected than to rational calculus.”

Heiko Herrmann

At the beginning of October, we are showing art to be viewed and implemented by Heiko Herrmann.
Bowls, plates and in addition a few exemplars of the actually already sold-out legendary artist's cookbooks from the Art Object Days.

Pomona Zipser

The SCULPTRESS POMONA ZIPSER demonstrates her HAUSBAR to you, emerged from a little cupboard, a table, and a painting, that were left to her from the assets of a carpenter. The bar has two secret compartments, double bottoms, a rotating wooden leg, and can be flipped opened and closed in a number of ways. An experience to regard and touch - and, of course, there are also some drinks on offer at the bar!

Armin Saub

In a world of fragmented experience, in which much is carelessly thrown away, Armin Saub wants to motivate towards the wish of maintenance. “Thus formed my idea to steady old damaged objects like chairs in their state and then stabilize them further via paintings, to not only recognize their use value, but also their essence of history and the present,” the painter says.

Annette Reichardt

MY LAST GLITZI is a subtle art project: with her mischievous figures, Annette Reichardt invites us to smile about what thoughtless filthy pigs we sometimes are - and immediately gives us the remedy, a pot cleaner made of copper that neither releases microplastics into the dishwater nor has to be disposed of, because copper is completely recyclable.

Julika Müller

Müller casts compact, dynamic sculptures and unusual, expressive brooches from the melted-down doorknobs and window handles. The moulds can often only be used once or change with each casting, whereby the artist decides in each case which change she will leave in place and which she will discard - one can therefore always speak of unique pieces in these works.

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