I bought my first Rundholz piece in 2007 - and I still have it today! Rundholz is one of the labels that can be described as timeless Avantgarde. Timeless, not in the sense of always having been boring, but sustainably interesting and without signs of wear and tear - neither aesthetic nor qualitative. Carsten Rundholz comes from a graphic design background, that is clearly recognizable. I have read that his unusual silhouettes are often not easy for the seamstresses of the house to realize. This fashion plays with our habits of sight and sometimes literally stands them on their head - genius! Rundholz also has command of his color palettes, loud and quiet, implements sophisticated embellishment techniques and achieves fascinating effects with it. When he works with prints, they aren’t little patterns but graphic works of artistic quality.

In my private clothes collection Rundholz takes the most important place, in the case of striking statement pieces - such as my astronaut dress printed with the famous photo of the first step on the moon - as in the case of the classics with a twist, such as the irresistible deconstructed pinstripe coat.

Rundholz is extremely reserved in business communication - the amazing collections are left to speak for themselves. Nowhere else have I seen that the brand name was printed on the bottom of the carrier bag! Fair and ecologically correct production is simply a part of the house’s style, although this does not need to be pronounced loudly…I would like to. It’s integral to me, and surely to RESPCT.ME’s customers too, that Rundholz refrains from pushing additional overproduction into the market and principally only manufactures the - carefully selected - quantities ordered by Rundholz merchants. It’s also positive that one concerns oneself intensely with improving materials and processes with the aim of environmental tolerance. Also on the subject Fairness, Rundholz can amass points. They work preferably with long-term, reliable, and innovative partners in Germany, or also in a small manufactory in Italy for the beautiful wool pieces. Rundholz has built up their own fabrication in China, where people are employed just as directly by Rundholz as they are in Germany. Carsten Rundholz takes the time, twice a year, to personally check the conditions there.

We are very much looking forward to offering you our selection of the amazing Rundholz collections at RESPCT.ME!

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