Klara Li

Klara Li's Water Carriers and Ladies is an exhibition in the RESPCT.ME Fairstyle Bazaar from Tuesday 1.2.2022 until Saturday 5.3.2022.


With these UpcyclingRoomDecorationCollageObjects Klara Li forms a completely individual statement. Her goal is the depictive beautification of the cute, gorgeous, flexible, untiringly diligent, judicious, forever-young-in-their-hearts women of our time



The vases are meant to be a playful serious exaltation of the precious resources that Mother Earth lets us extract: glas plastic paper.... WATER!


My since 1999 continually developed portrait series "of the young Lady around 1470 after Petrus Christus" - our superstar of the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in the Kulturforum Berlin - I have also eternalized on the four Water Carriers = deposit-free StoragePlasticBottles.

She keeps alive the girl forced into marriage in the Middle Ages, who sullenly refused the all-commanding patriarchy and proudly lusted for independent self-realization, as a sister through all eras and nationalities via jewelry, makeup, and hairdos.



All profits of this exhibit will be donated to humans in crisis regions through the Wei Ling Yi Hardship & Catastrophe Support (YiXue: Society for holistic LotusQiGong in the Information Era).



Klara Li has put on several independent and collaborative exhibits, including:

  • KulturZentrum, Bad Homburg, 'Before the Moon was Full' 1995
  • Gallery in the Prater, Berlin, 'Pull Down' 2001
  • Paintings in the Pfefferwerk, Berlin, Prenzlauerberg 2007
  • Open Air Art Exhibit, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, 2019




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