serien°umerica was founded in 2009 in Turin by Maria de Ambrogio and Stella Tosco, and is deeply connected with this city and its artisanal traditions. The designers work in close contact with local artisans and operate a Knit-lab since 2018, with the goal of exploring the possibilities of new materials - increasingly recycled, too - and to unite the highest quality of production with maximal artistic freedom. The forming new interesting surfaces influence the selection of woven fabrics for the collection too.

Uninfluenced by passing fashion trends, serien°umerica stands for lasting style. Minimal cuts with surprising asymmetries and layering underline the finesse of complex surfaces, that reveal their thought-out details only after closer inspection. Reliefs, lines and transparencies demonstrate craftsmanship and wonderful material quality.

Maria and Stella find inspiration in the collaboration with artists and photographs, who capture the atmosphere of the city and its landscape. Sometimes, capsules of the label’s organically evolving collections form in this process.

Today, Serien Umerica and the second line sn are offered in selected stores worldwide, but have remained completely autonomous. A small team of 8 members manages the entire process and follows only their own path. We are delighted to be be invited to accompany you and re-discover the value of well-made objects.

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