The founders of roomsafari are Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong.

Already since 1996, the duo has been designing together. After their studies in Industrial Design at the UdK Berlin, Nogtev and Cheong founded their own label in 2001. Roomsafari uses only material from local purveyors in Germany and promotes small businesses. That reduces long and environmentally harmful delivery routes and enables local artisans to unfold.

Their furniture and interior accessories are supposed to transmit a relaxed living and working atmosphere. The objects are adaptable and light, have a sense of humor - but also of responsibility. Pieces from roomsafari have a high value for money and low environmental impact, with a strict less-is-more focus, which aims to use as little material as possible, to forge the most functional objects. All products are flexible and transport-friendly, with elegant and detachable links.

Nogtev and Cheong are of the opinion that environmentally sensitive furniture pieces do not need to be created from bleak recycling paper and jute, which loses all of the fun along the way. Decisive is much more so, the regard and protection of ecology. Their motto, with respect to the implementation of materials, is ‘as little as possible, but as much as necessary’. Most of the time, less material can be used than one might assume, the duo. What’s much more crucial to the stability and durability are the right constructions and appropriately chosen materials.

The products are delivered in the smallest possible packages, and are easy to assemble in a matter of minutes. The inherent simplicity of this premise brings about products that are enduring and easier to repair, while they’re simultaneously simple enough to be adapted to rearrangements, und thus never become boring.


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