Objekte Unserer Tage

OUT stands for contemporary living and traditional craftsmanship.
The progressive objects of the furniture brand OUT are designed in Berlin and made in Germany.



We want functionality and aesthetics.
We are innovative tradition.
We are design-loving and material-conscious.
We act responsibly and sustainably.
We value detail and avoid kitsch.
We manufacture with sophistication and craftsmanship.
We remain open and curious.
We create space for a self-determined generation.
We are digital and share with friends.
We demand diversity and equality.
We celebrate real life and natural beauty.
We are designed in Berlin and made in Germany.



OUT OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE was founded in 2015 with the ambition to create space for a self-determined generation. We pursue the goal of creating furniture and accessories with substance that meet the needs of our time and fulfil a practical as well as emotional value. OUT stands in the tradition of German design. We act with great care, design thoughtfully and think functionally. Our objects are manufactured sustainably and fairly in Germany. Each object embodies craftsmanship and sophistication. Our home is Berlin. The city has a significant influence on our design. We are passionate, open to try new things and enjoy diversity. The result is an eclectic collection with substance: clear, straightforward and uncompromising in design, yet pure, expressive and consistent in execution. We celebrate real life and beauty.


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