Studio Hamerhaai makes Dutch Design from waste. All made, as much as possible, "in house" in their workshop in Haarlem, Waarderpolder. They are a small but very sweet team, consisting of Boudewijn van den Bosch and Niki Schoondergang.

These two are the founders, makers and inventors of all products that Studio Hamerhaai creates. Fifteen years ago, Boudewijn directed documentaries and Niki organized events. Now they have had Studio Hamerhaai together for almost 10 years.

What started as the question “Why isn’t the furniture I want on offer?” has grown into a company that designs and makes their own products.

The raw material is as much as possible “waste” material that would otherwise be thrown away. “Waste” deliberately in quotation marks, because it is simply high-quality material. With a life and a story of its own.

And now they tell stories! With furniture and interior objects, instead of TV or events.

They launched the Rijkswachters seven years ago , and the roller coaster has continued to ride ever since. They have a large portfolio of products that they produce from waste streams. And they make a lot to order, as well as a lot of custom work for houses and interiors of companies.


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